Rami & Camille

Theirs is a love story that started in faraway Nigeria, and although it was mostly a long distance relationship, they survived and ended up getting married. Their relationship was constantly tested, but love and faith kept them together. Actually, up until the last minute before their wedding, they were still being tested – it rained and the wedding was to take place in an outdoor venue! The bride and groom together with the coordinator were already talking about the backup plan of moving the event to the ballroom instead, but I remained steadfast. “Manalig ka lang,” I said, “Ibibigay yan sa atin ni Lord.” And miraculously, the rain stopped! The couple got their outdoor wedding with the gorgeous Manila sunset as their backdrop. It rained shortly after, but I don’t think anyone minded. After all, rain on your wedding day means you’re blessed, right? �

Shot alongside Joseph Rudio, Lester Sy and Jeff Cadiz
Video: For You Are Mine
Planning and Coordination: Anne Marcelino of 
AJM Preparations Weddings and Events
Styling: Jocelyn Laguna
Entourage flowers: Jocelyn Laguna
Hair & Make-up: Kristine de Leon
Host: Lia Guerrero
Entourage gowns: Adora Couture
Photobooth: Baicapture

Anugrah & Shalini {Indian / Christian Wedding}

Anugrah and Shalini’s wedding is proof that love transcends everything, religion included. It was my first time to shoot a Christian/Indian wedding. The integration of rites from two different religions within a single ceremony was done beautifully and respectfully. The ceremony itself was Christian, but had traditional Indian wedding rites. It was solemn in that it was intimate due to the small number of guests, but also very festive. One of the highlights of the wedding was the bride’s prank, which she pulled off… but left the groom super stressed all throughout the preps! It was hilarious but also very savage, and nicely done. 
From this wedding, I learned that differences can be settled if there is enough LOVE and RESPECT at all times. #TheJervySantiagoExperience

Wedding Planner: Jp Montilla
Make-up: Anju Dargani
Lights and Sounds: JS Mina
Host: Steven Silva
Video: Krē8 Media Production

Bryan & Marjorie Wedding

Shot alongside Jeff Cadiz, Joseph Rudio and Derrick Lim
Videographer: Treehouse Film
Make-up up: Cathy Cantada-Dizon
Hairstylist: George Aliben
Gown: Rosa Clara & Pablo Cabahug
Lights & Sounds: Sounds After12
LED Wall Animation: Sheilla Lopez
Shoes: Tish Sevilla
Host: Melissa Tong
Florist: Abner Gosiaco
Ceiling Draping: Royal Flower Shoppe
Event Coordinator: Ruziel delos Reyes of Affairs of the Heart

Jim & Monica Wedding

Jim and Monica, one of the nicest couples I have worked with, are from the Tzu Chi Foundation, which means they are vegetarian. They were nice enough to ask me beforehand what I wanted to eat, and I told them anything would be fine… so I was introduced to delicious vegetarian food, which became as a challenge because my boys and I are carnivore and not used to vegetarian food. We were a little extra hungry that day. (Not the couple’s fault though haha! 🤣)
Another challenge we encountered was time constraints. Wedding ended at 12pm and we had to start the reception by 1:30 at the latest, which meant that we had to finish postnup photo ops within 30 minutes! Buti na lang the couple was very easy to work with and very cooperative, so we were able to pull it off.

Watch the entire video, stay for the song. It’s cute, right? 😉

Shot alongside Jeff Cadiz, Ivan Quinial, Lester Sy
Flourist: Gina Galang
Hair and Make Up Artist: Joane Kathlyn DC-Quimio
Lights and Sounds and LED: Aze Ryan Ching
Photobooth: Pose n Prints
Orchestra: @DaDa Capo
Bridal Gown: Alisha & Lace

Night to Shine by Tim Tebow

It has always been my dream to shoot people with special needs because as a portrait photographer, I want to be able to showcase their beauty through my shots. It was extra challenging because we had limited time for the shoot, it was tiring but seeing them smile, with eyes that glowed and full of excitement made all the effort worth it. I even tried to do sign language in order to connect with them better…, you know, like the proper hand gestures, positioning of their head, finding their best angle, fixed their posture etc. Ramdam ko ang kilig nila! 
Some of the subjects were not in the mood but that’s okay! kasama sa experience yun. 🤣 hahaha!


It was a massive effort participated in by 89 individuals plus their families, and the shoot was made possible by over 300 volunteers comprised of makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, ushers and coordinators, and the CCF photo and video team, which I am part of. It was truly heartwarming to see everyone coming together for this cause. I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of this shoot. It’s a very rewarding and unforgettable experience. To God be the Glory  

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give” Winston Churchill

Shot alongside CCF Media Team:
(Photo) Lester Sy, Aries Reyes, Thoper Bernardo, Cysha Asuncion, Karlo Tan
(Video) Peewee Vivas, Meggy Pia, Rainier Torres, Nicole Obligacion, Jai Bernardo, Jason Discipulo
(SDE Editor) Joseph Rudio

Andrew & Bea Wedding

Andrew and Bea’s wedding would have to be one of my favorites. We bonded to the hilt during our prenup session in SFO, which gave way to a smooth and comfortable working relationship. Theirs is a simple, intimate wedding that had a lot of heartfelt details. The couple was very easy to work with, did everything I requested, and were kwela till the end. I didn’t feel any pressure at all.

Without divulging much, I just would like to get this off my chest – there’s no such thing as a perfect wedding. There will always be challenges and something’s bound to get off-tangent from the plan, and whether or not the wedding will be successful depends on how everyone involved will react to the circumstances. I believe that when suppliers work together sincerely and efficiently, and if couples are able to trust their suppliers, everything will eventually come together and turn out alright. Kudos to Andrew and Bea for being troopers and pulling off a beautiful wedding!

Shot alongside Jeff Cadiz and Joseph Rudio
Wedding Planner: Rosa Murillo of Cream Events
Make-up: Jyka Espinoza
Bridal Gown: Apartment 8
Video: Jepster Togle Films
Host: Atom Ungson
Musician: Sound Salad

Breaden and Rebecca

Breaden and Rebecca’s wedding was picture-perfect but challenging. We’re talking a 100% international guest list, with the Australian couple’s friends and family flying in from all over the world to celebrate with them. There was that pressure to make sure that the very specific shot list arranged by the couple was followed. After all, the guests flew in from different parts of the globe, so there better be epic photos! Logistics and transportation was a real challenge, Props to our wedding planner, JP Montilla, for staying on top of things and making sure everything went smoothly.
My favorite part of the shoot was the shots of the bridal party. The bride was very specific about what she wanted and how she wanted the photos to turn out and I was very happy I didn’t let her down. I had to scout the area, find the best spots, check the composition and lighting, then get the proper blocking, taking into consideration the height, the body builds, and complexion of each member. And let me tell you this – shooting Caucasians is extra challenging because they tend to look washed out under the sun. Thankfully, we were able to get the shots we needed, the couple was happy, the weather was very nice. Thank you, Lord, for everything! #blessed#TheJervySantiagoExperience

Bridal Prep- Anya Resort
Groom Prep – Escala 
Ceremony & Reception – Antonio’s Restaurant

Wedding Planner – Jp Montilla
Make-up by Anju Dargani
Event Styling by Joyce Aguilar
Sounds System by JS Mina

Stan & Erika Engagement {Autumn in Korea}

Korea is one of my favorite prenup locations, especially in autumn. I swear every single spot is picturesque, it is sometimes hard to pick THE spots. As for all my shoots abroad, it took us two days to shoot everything, and this is to maximize all our resources and locations.

I did this shoot alone, but I never felt that I was a one-man team thanks to Erika’s mom and sister who were very game in assisting me. The talented makeup artist Ten Francisco was also very helpful, I was blessed to have such “game” companions for this shoot. We even rented a private van to take us to our different locations, so I felt really lucky.

One of the most unforgettable experiences during this shoot was when we were in the amusement park and there was a sudden downpour. All our things went flying and we were freezing – the weather was at 10 degrees celsius! We had to wrap things up quickly because honestly it was getting creepy – good thing it didn’t show in the photos, and even better that the couple and the entire “team” was very game so we finished quickly! #TheJervySantiagoExperience

Make-up by Ten Franco / Clothes by Manny Halasan

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