I know I’ve said this many times over about this shoot, but I just would like to reiterate just how memorable and fun this experience was for me. I had such a blast in New Zealand, the land of sheep, birds, fish, and chips, giant mussels, wine, beer, and friendship! New Zealand touts itself as the youngest country in the world, and that youthful vibe resonates in the warmth of the people and the laid-back culture. Plus the views are absolutely breathtaking!

One of the most memorable moments I experienced during the shoot was in Mata Peak, where we were engulfed in fog. I didn’t know until much later that the “fog” was actual clouds, so I got soaked from head to toe and everything in between! But at least I know how it feels like to be inside a cloud – which I’m sure was a childhood fantasy for most of us!  If you want to attempt being hugged by clouds, I suggest you bring extra clothes. #TheJervySantiagoExperience


Stepped out of my comfort zone recently, as I was commissioned to do a sports shoot for a TV show. I had to study similar shots, as it was my first time to do a sports shoot, and I also took the time to study how my subjects move. This being a sports-oriented shoot, I didn’t want any of the poses to look fake or awkward – I wanted them to look as natural as possible, capturing motion as they happened. And of course I wanted them to be as comfortable as possible – that’s always the key to getting great action shots! My favorites in this set would have to be the action shots of Natasha Alquiros, a midfielder who plays for the National Team. Natasha was such a natural in front of the camera, we got the shots we wanted just after a couple, maybe three or four takes. I also liked the shots I took of Ton Vergel, who was another natural, too – he was very effortless and relaxed during the shoot. This shoot also reunited me with Cara Eriguel, a Monster Radio DJ, TV personality, and sweetheart on and off cam, who I shot almost a decade ago. I am quite familiar with her angles and movements, so it was very easy to work with her. I am always thankful for the opportunities thrown my way! #Blessed #TheJervySantiagoExperience


This engagement shoot is one of the most challenging EVER. It rained the entire time and I was losing hope that the rain will stop just in time for us to get awesome shots at the YehLiu Geopark. The shoot was scheduled shortly after I recovered from a slipped disc, so pulling off a successful shoot seemed impossible. And as we all know, Digital Camera and H2O is a big NO NO.

Whoever said that God moves in mysterious ways was definitely right. It is because of His will that we were able to shoot that day, with little miracles here and there that made me look up the sky and say, “You’re the best business partner ever, God! Salamat!” We braved the rain and shot the first set, then it stopped raining towards the end. It rained through the rest of our sets, but we all decided to go with it because we were able to get epic shots. 

I would like to give major props to my team because they were willing to get wet just to pull off the shoot! We were #TeamWalangPabebe, including the couple! They were so game, WALANG reklamo at all from start to finish! They were not negative at all, in fact, ma lumakas ang loob ko when i saw Atty Lynneth’s Prada Bag and Atty Eduardo’s Patek got drenched in the rain hahaha! I got them sat on a wet floor, changed clothes kahit nasa sulok lang. Walang kaarte-arte at all.

Make-up by Jomah Chu Cruz
Styled by Albert Daag for Team Jingx Cruz Styling
Shot alongside with Ivan Quinial


Some shoots are more memorable than most, and this is one of them. Admittedly, being made to shoot in Mt.Pinatubo is challenging, but I said yes anyway because RJ and Athens are such a lovely couple, plus I really, really wanted to tick this off my bucket list. I’ve always wanted to hike and visit the place, and shooting a prenup photo session is the perfect excuse.

To say that it was a challenge is an understatement. Hiking and walking under the intense heat of the sun while carrying all my equipment is no joke! Pero ginusto ko ito (haha!) and this is the couple’s request, because trekking and hiking is their passion. We walked more than 12 kms, which took us a whopping 6 hours. Cardio kung cardio! We crossed rapids, trekked through stones with slippery and sharp edges, and got suburned. But it’s worth it – the photos can speak for themselves.

Will I do it again? Probably NOT! �


Location: Mt. Pinatubo
Styled by Jingx Cruz
Make-up by Jomah Chu Cruz
Shot alongside with Peter Frac and Jeff Cadiz


Maybe you’re wondering why suppliers charge out-of-town fees. I mean, aren’t we getting a mini-vacation out of out-of-town events? While getting to travel is part of our perks, there are several reasons why we charge such fees. I cannot speak for everybody in the industry, I can only speak for myself.

Take these shots, for instance. These were shot in an alley in Macau that has a very raw appeal – it’s naturally aged which makes it even more beautiful. The couple gave me a day to scout locations so a day before our scheduled shoot, I spent the entire day to scour the city for potential locations and come up with ideas so I’ll be able to produce something that’s different from the usual. Macau is a well-loved venue for prenup shoots, so it’s interesting to see what we can come up with when we shoot at unconventional places such as this old alley. 

And that, my friends, is why I charge an out-of-town fee. Yes, I get to go on a mini vacation and I will always be grateful to my very generous clients, but at the end of the day, I’m there to work. Which means that I will be scouting locations, improvising props, monitoring the weather, making sure that we don’t encounter any hassle especially in venues that require permits, and most of all, exhausting my creativity to produce something different every single time. Every single client is unique, so every single prenup pictorial should be unique too. 



You might be wondering why most of my videos lately all feature behind the scenes footage. This isn’t just because I want to start a trend or because I want to veer away from tradition too much. (Hindi “pa-uso” kumbaga)
One reason I love BTS footage is that there are so many wonderful, funny, unforgettable moments that happen during a wedding and I feel that not all of them are captured in the official photos and videos. I don’t want to waste those moments and relegate them to the cutting floor, so to speak, so I choose to highlight them. In doing so, I am also shining the spotlight on all the moments and emotions that happen on a couple’s most important day. Para kumpleto ang feels, di ba?
Another reason is that I want the friends and family of the couple, as well as prospective clients, to have a feel of #TheJervySantiagoExperience – how my team and I operate behind the scenes to bring you the beautiful photos that capture beautiful moments.

Shot alongside with Josh Rudio and Jeff Cadiz
Styled by Reginald Austria Cruz
Make-up by Jomah Chu-Cruz
Coordination by Ayie Contreras-Tuates


Sexy. There is no other word to describe this pictorial. It’s a bit of a contrast to my usual approach, but hell, I used to shoot for Playboy Magazine. So when you are faced with a couple who’s daring enough to go atop a mountain, wear a gown with a low neckline, or pose beside a burning piano; then why not fill up the screen with sizzle? I would like to believe I delivered my promise to them, which is to make them feel like stars even for just one day, ( well two – next would be your wedding ).

To Jaime and Meg, thanks for making our long trip to Tinipak River worth every single second, even if it meant hurrying from one location to another in a tryk, then a raft, then climb up the limestone rocks and getting wet by the rapids. I hope you guys look back on to this day someday with fondness.

And like what I would always tell my clients, … more than the photos, it’s the total experience. 

Watch the rest of the video here –

Photography and Art Direction by Jervy Santiago

Video by Peter Frac of Spaceman inc.

Make-up by Jomah Chu

Styled by Jingx Cruz

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