I know I’ve said this many times over about this shoot, but I just would like to reiterate just how memorable and fun this experience was for me. I had such a blast in New Zealand, the land of sheep, birds, fish, and chips, giant mussels, wine, beer, and friendship! New Zealand touts itself as the youngest country in the world, and that youthful vibe resonates in the warmth of the people and the laid-back culture. Plus the views are absolutely breathtaking!

One of the most memorable moments I experienced during the shoot was in Mata Peak, where we were engulfed in fog. I didn’t know until much later that the “fog” was actual clouds, so I got soaked from head to toe and everything in between! But at least I know how it feels like to be inside a cloud – which I’m sure was a childhood fantasy for most of us!  If you want to attempt being hugged by clouds, I suggest you bring extra clothes. #TheJervySantiagoExperience

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