Stepped out of my comfort zone recently, as I was commissioned to do a sports shoot for a TV show. I had to study similar shots, as it was my first time to do a sports shoot, and I also took the time to study how my subjects move. This being a sports-oriented shoot, I didn’t want any of the poses to look fake or awkward – I wanted them to look as natural as possible, capturing motion as they happened. And of course I wanted them to be as comfortable as possible – that’s always the key to getting great action shots! My favorites in this set would have to be the action shots of Natasha Alquiros, a midfielder who plays for the National Team. Natasha was such a natural in front of the camera, we got the shots we wanted just after a couple, maybe three or four takes. I also liked the shots I took of Ton Vergel, who was another natural, too – he was very effortless and relaxed during the shoot. This shoot also reunited me with Cara Eriguel, a Monster Radio DJ, TV personality, and sweetheart on and off cam, who I shot almost a decade ago. I am quite familiar with her angles and movements, so it was very easy to work with her. I am always thankful for the opportunities thrown my way! #Blessed #TheJervySantiagoExperience
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