Anugrah & Shalini {Indian / Christian Wedding}

Anugrah and Shalini’s wedding is proof that love transcends everything, religion included. It was my first time to shoot a Christian/Indian wedding. The integration of rites from two different religions within a single ceremony was done beautifully and respectfully. The ceremony itself was Christian, but had traditional Indian wedding rites. It was solemn in that it was intimate due to the small number of guests, but also very festive. One of the highlights of the wedding was the bride’s prank, which she pulled off… but left the groom super stressed all throughout the preps! It was hilarious but also very savage, and nicely done. 
From this wedding, I learned that differences can be settled if there is enough LOVE and RESPECT at all times. #TheJervySantiagoExperience

Wedding Planner: Jp Montilla
Make-up: Anju Dargani
Lights and Sounds: JS Mina
Host: Steven Silva
Video: Krē8 Media Production

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