Maybe you’re wondering why suppliers charge out-of-town fees. I mean, aren’t we getting a mini-vacation out of out-of-town events? While getting to travel is part of our perks, there are several reasons why we charge such fees. I cannot speak for everybody in the industry, I can only speak for myself.

Take these shots, for instance. These were shot in an alley in Macau that has a very raw appeal – it’s naturally aged which makes it even more beautiful. The couple gave me a day to scout locations so a day before our scheduled shoot, I spent the entire day to scour the city for potential locations and come up with ideas so I’ll be able to produce something that’s different from the usual. Macau is a well-loved venue for prenup shoots, so it’s interesting to see what we can come up with when we shoot at unconventional places such as this old alley. 

And that, my friends, is why I charge an out-of-town fee. Yes, I get to go on a mini vacation and I will always be grateful to my very generous clients, but at the end of the day, I’m there to work. Which means that I will be scouting locations, improvising props, monitoring the weather, making sure that we don’t encounter any hassle especially in venues that require permits, and most of all, exhausting my creativity to produce something different every single time. Every single client is unique, so every single prenup pictorial should be unique too. 


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