You might be wondering why most of my videos lately all feature behind the scenes footage. This isn’t just because I want to start a trend or because I want to veer away from tradition too much. (Hindi “pa-uso” kumbaga)
One reason I love BTS footage is that there are so many wonderful, funny, unforgettable moments that happen during a wedding and I feel that not all of them are captured in the official photos and videos. I don’t want to waste those moments and relegate them to the cutting floor, so to speak, so I choose to highlight them. In doing so, I am also shining the spotlight on all the moments and emotions that happen on a couple’s most important day. Para kumpleto ang feels, di ba?
Another reason is that I want the friends and family of the couple, as well as prospective clients, to have a feel of #TheJervySantiagoExperience – how my team and I operate behind the scenes to bring you the beautiful photos that capture beautiful moments.

Shot alongside with Josh Rudio and Jeff Cadiz
Styled by Reginald Austria Cruz
Make-up by Jomah Chu-Cruz
Coordination by Ayie Contreras-Tuates

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