Sexy. There is no other word to describe this pictorial. It’s a bit of a contrast to my usual approach, but hell, I used to shoot for Playboy Magazine. So when you are faced with a couple who’s daring enough to go atop a mountain, wear a gown with a low neckline, or pose beside a burning piano; then why not fill up the screen with sizzle? I would like to believe I delivered my promise to them, which is to make them feel like stars even for just one day, ( well two – next would be your wedding ).

To Jaime and Meg, thanks for making our long trip to Tinipak River worth every single second, even if it meant hurrying from one location to another in a tryk, then a raft, then climb up the limestone rocks and getting wet by the rapids. I hope you guys look back on to this day someday with fondness.

And like what I would always tell my clients, … more than the photos, it’s the total experience. 

Watch the rest of the video here – https://vimeo.com/199610321

Photography and Art Direction by Jervy Santiago

Video by Peter Frac of Spaceman inc.

Make-up by Jomah Chu

Styled by Jingx Cruz

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