Stan & Erika Engagement {Autumn in Korea}

Korea is one of my favorite prenup locations, especially in autumn. I swear every single spot is picturesque, it is sometimes hard to pick THE spots. As for all my shoots abroad, it took us two days to shoot everything, and this is to maximize all our resources and locations.

I did this shoot alone, but I never felt that I was a one-man team thanks to Erika’s mom and sister who were very game in assisting me. The talented makeup artist Ten Francisco was also very helpful, I was blessed to have such “game” companions for this shoot. We even rented a private van to take us to our different locations, so I felt really lucky.

One of the most unforgettable experiences during this shoot was when we were in the amusement park and there was a sudden downpour. All our things went flying and we were freezing – the weather was at 10 degrees celsius! We had to wrap things up quickly because honestly it was getting creepy – good thing it didn’t show in the photos, and even better that the couple and the entire “team” was very game so we finished quickly! #TheJervySantiagoExperience

Make-up by Ten Franco / Clothes by Manny Halasan

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