About Jervy

If there’s one word to describe my photography style… well, there’s none, really, haha! There’s definitely more than one way to describe my style, because while I already have my signature cinematic approach, I am also known for my glam night shots and lately, my ability to adapt a fresher, more millennial-apt style. It’s varied, really.

So let me talk about MY experiences as a photographer. As a photographer / Art Director, I am resourceful and innovative. I don’t just depend on the tried-and-tested props and popular spots, I always make it a point to deliver something new, even if it producing artificial rain for a more dramatic effect, standing under actual rain (and risking colds and getting my equipment wet), or having my subjects stand against a bare, random wall in a foreign city that has picturesque venues left and right.

I have hiked the Pinatubo trail, entered a restricted area in Benguet, stood directly inside a cloud in New Zealand, and shot a pre-debut shoot with the debutante not knowing that the shoot is for her! I have no qualms with getting dirty, laying down on wet, dusty, or muddy surfaces, braving extreme weather conditions, and doing lots of improvising on location, especially in out of the country shoots. It’s safe to say I’ve done a lot of pretty crazy stuff in the name of photography. But the rewards are well worth it – I get to travel to exotic locations and locations I used to only dream of going to. I get to experience different cultures and in the process, play with different techniques to get photos that are well-composed. Best of all, I get to cultivate friendships with the people I work with, and that’s one blessing I will always be grateful for. All of these experiences helped mold me into the photographer that I am now. 

I have thrived in this industry for many years, so, without sounding boastful, other photographers can take a page out of my book and learn something new. If there’s one advice I can give aspiring and up-and-coming photographers, it’s that you have to be faithful to your signature style, while still being able to adapt to the changing times.